Zombie Voices Pack

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Send shivers down spines with a symphony of screams! This chilling male and female collection features a diverse choir of undead vocalizations, from cartoonish gurgles to monstrous roars and bone-chilling shrieks. But the groans don't stop there! The bonus folder overflows with gruesome sound effects to plunge your audience into horror. Imagine the sickening snap of bones breaking, the squishy splat of flesh tearing, and the unsettling crunch of gore being devoured. Zombie Voices Pack is the ultimate weapon for sound designers crafting terrifying zombie horde games.



Content List

⦿ 1400+ Zombie Vocal Assets and Bonus Sounds

Format 16bit, 44.1kHz
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Number of Samples
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01:06:41 (hh:mm:ss)
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Zombie Voices Pack is mostly used in Survival, Zombie Shooter, Horror, Thriller, RPG, and fantasy games.



6 Horror Voices 4 Cartoon Voices
Attack Breath
Die Idle
Roar Suffer
Take Damage Cry
Fear Jump
Laugh Suprised
Biting Gore
Teeth Chattering Zombie Crowd

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