A PERSONAL LICENSE allows for one person to use the "SwishSwoosh" sounds at a time, such as a freelancer with one workstation or companies with one audio workstation and one sound designer. This license can only be granted to named individuals or single person businesses. See "Terms and Conditions" for details.

A MULTI-USER LICENSE is necessary when multiple people will be working with the "SwishSwoosh" sounds simultaneously, such as for companies with multiple workstations or a shared audio server. This license is based on a volume license and one license is required for each user. Contact for more information.

A DEVELOPER LICENSE is required for those who want to use "SwishSwoosh" sounds in their own product, such as KONTAKT instruments, VST plugins, audio apps, trailer templates, or sound FXlibraries. This type of license requires a small share of the product. Reach out for more information.