Word Puzzle Games Sound Effects and Music Pack

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The Word Puzzle Games Sound Effects and Music Pack makes it easy to create a fun and captivating word game. All the music tracks and sound effects make solvable letter arrangements feel like a treat, making your puzzle game both fun and relaxing for everyone.



Content List

⦿ 4 x Loopable Music Tracks

⦿ 18 x Stingers 

⦿ 100+ Sound Effects

Format 16bit, 44.1kHz
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Word Puzzle Games Sound Effects and Music Pack is mostly used in Word Puzzle, Crossword puzzle, Text-based puzzle, Letter Arrangement, Tangram, Word Search puzzle games.


Music tracks Collect and Buy
Stingers Countdown
Clicks Error Sounds
Fail Fill-up
Counter Letter
Bonus Success
Swipe Swoosh

Making your audience’s gaming experience as rewarding and soothing as possible, we built our audio assets to help them to concentrate better on the game. The music tracks are created using soft instruments like piano, upright bass, and shaker.

This license grants the use of the "SwishSwoosh" sounds to one individual (Licensee). If you are a company or organization that requires more individuals to use the sounds, you can obtain a Multi-User License. (See Licenses for more details and see additional Licensing options)