Layered Horror Ambience Sound Pack

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150 spine-tingling audio weapons await you in this ultimate arsenal of fear. Craft endless variations of nightmarish soundscapes with 60 pre-made horror ambiences and 90 dynamic layers, all designed by seasoned sound wizards. Build tension like a maestro, layering whispers, creaks, and unsettling murmurs to make your players squirm in their seats. Fear not, a handy guide awaits to help you navigate this sonic haunted house. Unleash the chills with Layered Horror Ambience Pack.



Content List

⦿ 60 x Designed Horror Ambiences (ready to use)

⦿ 90 x Layered Horror Ambiences (used together to build up tension)

Format 16bit, 44.1kHz
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Layered Horror Ambience Sound Pack is mostly used in Horror, Dark, Survival, Action Horror, Stealth Horror, Psychological Horror, FPS Horror, Atmospheric Horror games.


Atmospheric Sci-Fi
Scary Hounted
Evil Satanic
Eerie Cursed




This license grants the use of the "SwishSwoosh" sounds to one individual (Licensee). If you are a company or organization that requires more individuals to use the sounds, you can obtain a Multi-User License. (See Licenses for more details and see additional Licensing options)