Electricity Sound Effects Pack

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An incredible collection of sounds that will elevate your projects to the next level! From electric weapons and impacts to subtle and atmospheric sounds, the Electricity Sound Effects Pack has everything you need to make your project truly electrifying. This pack includes sound effects such as electrical burns, electromagnetic fields, plasma balls, radios, weapons, spells, charges and so on. We've spent countless hours crafting unique and mesmerizing sounds that will give your audience a truly immersive experience.


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⦿ 400+ Electric and Electromagnetic Sound Effects

Format 16bit, 44.1kHz
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Electricity Sound Effects Pack is mostly used in Sci-fi, Shooter, Horror, RPG, RTS and fantasy games.


Electrical Burn Electrical Interaction
Electromagnetic Fields Machine
Magnet Plasma Ball
Radio Sci-Fi Whoosh
Weapon Spell
Charge Hit

You will find lots of zzzzzdd, brdzdrdtzzzzzt, zzappity and zzuppity sounds from electric arcs and sparks to EMF background atmospheres, from whooshes to spells, and even electric weapons and impacts. Get ready for an electric shock!

This license grants the use of the "SwishSwoosh" sounds to one individual (Licensee). If you are a company or organization that requires more individuals to use the sounds, you can obtain a Multi-User License. (See Licenses for more details and see additional Licensing options)