3D Match Games Sound Effects and Music Pack

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Charge your 3D Match game with vibrant sounds inspired by titles such as Match 3D and Pair 3D. This pack delivers a wealth of original sound effects and music, designed to bring your puzzle adventure to life. Discover a sound collection curated specifically for 3D Match games: delightful chimes for successful matches, suspenseful build-up for power-ups, and satisfying clicks for tile movements. Add shine with catchy musical phrases that perfectly complement the gameplay. Say goodbye to boring sound effects and generic music. This pack is your key to unlocking an original and engaging audio experience that will set your 3D Match game apart from the rest.



Content List

⦿ 2 x Loopable Music Tracks

⦿ 8 x Stingers

⦿ 80+ Sound Effects

Format 16bit, 44.1kHz
File Size
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3D Match Games Sound Effects and Music Pack is mostly used in Match 3D, Match Tile, Matching Puzzle, Match Pair games.


Music Tracks Stingers
Merge Pick-up
Put Down Objects in Place
Rattle Click

This license grants the use of the "SwishSwoosh" sounds to one individual (Licensee). If you are a company or organization that requires more individuals to use the sounds, you can obtain a Multi-User License. (See Licenses for more details and see additional Licensing options)