One-Touch Simplicity

With a simple touch on the XY pad, you can create instant tension. Add in the color layers, and you've got a range of eerie sounds to play with. Crafting horror sounds has never been this easy.


FX Mastery

From the subtle nuances of the chorus to the edgy twists of the bitcrusher, customize further with Amber's FX section. Design your own dread with ease.

One-Shot Wonders

Make impactful hits, craft rising tensions, or build suspense with metals and strings. One-Shot section is your guide to straightforward, yet haunting sound design. Create, customize, and captivate.

Fine Tune the Fear

Amber has an EQ section for refined control. Easily customize and filter your sounds to get the perfect tone. Whether you're smoothing out or sharpening up, our EQ tools make it simple to shape your audio exactly how you want.


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    Type: Kontakt Instrument
    Sections: XY-PAD and One-Shot
    Compatibility: Kontakt 7.0 Player (Free) and Newer Versions
    Size : 1.23 GB
    User Manual : User Manual Download